Site Analysis & Additional Real Estate Services

Pacific Planning Group takes a proactive approach and applies it to each and every project. We spend a majority of time analyzing the best scenario for our clients on the front end. Specifically in the preconstruction phase of development in attempts to meet the needs of both our client and the requirements of local jurisdictions.

Critical Paths are identified early on. This is typically the first milestone in most projects and when a client determines if they want to move forward with the project. The tools used to identify any or all of these critical paths could be one or a combination of many of the documents prepared by PPG in the list found below:

  • Due Diligence Reports and Site Feasibility Studies
  • Preliminary Site Assessments and Fee Schedules
  • Research and Strategic Planning
  • Site analysis and title search, Phase I and Phase II Environmental reports which identify HazMat sites or other potential environmental issues
  • Negotiations of Development Impact Fees
  • Bond Exoneration

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