About Us

PPG is uniquely positioned to assist both small and large companies with processes and protocol necessary to obtain multiple land entitlements and building permits.

Our experience in assisting with land acquisitions, negotiations and land entitlements of varying degrees has enabled us to deal with each of our clients efficiently and with confidence. The end result inevitably is success.

PPG's long term relationships with contacts at the City, County and State level coupled with the experience in dealing with regulatory agencies point us quickly in the right direction.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between local municipalities and the development world!

Challenging Progressive Workplace

Experience - Pacific Planning Group was created by its principal, Karen Blankenzee in 1996. Since that time the business has evolved into a small boutique firm specializing in processing land entitlements and preparing professional preconstruction reports for commercial retail clients, residential and mixed use developments alike. Our clients are also a wide variety and range from Big Box publicly traded companies to the small land owner.

Team - Pacific Planning Group has a mixed demographic of cutting edge, bright and knowledgeable team members with specific areas of expertise. This enables PPG to run efficiently and smoothly by having specific "go to" people for particular issues. Our team members have a range of experience starting from conceptual design and ending with complete construction/build out of a project.